KRAN is a multifunctional floor lamp with the possibility of transforming the light from ambient light, into a light for illumination of a larger space, to a concentrated work light. All this is built in a very elegant and minimalistic shape, composed of three rectangular profiles with a height of 205cm to 220cm. After defining the concept on paper, we switched to the development of a prototype. We made several with different shapes in order to reach a more perfect solution.

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The practice has taught us that the layout of the lamp should remain as minimalistic as possible so it won’t impose too much on the premises where it would be placed. When designing the prototype, we did not have the appropriate technology and machines available, so most of it was handmade. In terms of lighting, we installed two modular LED strips of 20 W each, from 4000 Kelvin. We made it dimmable so that we could adjust the brightness of the light.

KRAN prototype won two awards 

– “Category floor lamp” Skopje at the House of 1000 designers competition 2017

– “Golden key award for best product design ” Belgrade furniture fair 2017  

– “Golden key award for best young designer ” Belgrade furniture fair 2017  

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